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EveryDay Joy

March 14

1:00-4:00 PM

With Aggie Stewart, MA, C-IAYT

Science has shown that our ability to recognize and savor positive experiences and joyful moments in a day along with those that are more challenging has a positive effect on our overall health and well-being.

EveryDay Joy will show you the benefit of doing shorter more vigorous practices that leave you feeling bright and uplifted yet grounded, poised to appreciate small moments and affirming experiences in ordinary daily events. These practices will incorporate movement, breathing practices, visualization, and meditation.


With the coming of Spring, we welcome you to practice profound self-care in order to replenish the source of vital and loving energy within. In this extended practice, we delve into deeply restorative postures and breathing techniques to relax the body and mind. We offer hot stones, eye pillows, and aromatherapy to bring the senses into blissful harmony. This practice will be accompanied by soft music and hands-on assists providing comfort and peace. Give yourself this nourishing experience.